Kolindros is located 450km from Athens, 50km from Thessalonica and 38km from Katerini, the capital of Pieria, and the largest city in the area.

Kolindros is a small country municipality in the foothills of Pieria. The municipality contains five villages: Kolindros (where the town hall is), Kastania, Ryakia, Livadi and Paliampela.

The area around Kolindros has been divided in low land and semi low land. The highest point is 340m at Kastania.
In the whole area a moderate sea climate dominates.

The total municipality has approximately 6500 inhabitants.
Kolindros has splendid nature that charms every visitor. The view is incomparably beautiful.

The municipality has traditional Macedonian construction work, among which lies the ruins of an old Byzantine castle from the 11th century. Also the churches and convents are extraordinarily interesting. There is a protected archaeological site in Paliambela. Research at Paliambela, Kolindros started in 1999 as a joint project of a team from the Aristotle University of Thessalonica and a team from the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the British School at Athens.

Kolindros has a remarkable infrastructure for athletics that in the first place offers the opportunity to the municipality to stimulate its own youth and the youth from the surroundings to do sports. The municipality can also host all kinds of games, because the infrastructure comes up to Olympic standards
A sport hall offers space to 600 people and accommodates sports such as basketball, volleyball, hand ball and gymnastics. There are two swimming pools and a football complex with eight fields and space for 5000 spectators. Moreover there are two basketball fields, running tracks in the wood, a municipal football stadium and fields for football and volleyball in all villages.

Kolindros is building a guesthouse, with a capacity of 40 beds, for athletes.

There is also an open air theatre in the municipality.

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